The Appraisal Process


The Appraisal Process


  • We live in a fast-moving, complex world where time is of the essence. We strive to help stream line the appraisal process and keep it simple. We contact the borrower within 12 hours of the assignment, schedule the appraisal inspection as soon as the borrower is willing to see us, and have the report back to you within a reasonable time frame to produce a credible report; typically within 5 days after inspection or sooner. For more complex properties we ask for enough time to produce a credible report.
  • We are sensitive to the 2ndhome/resort nature of the area.

Weekend appointments are always available. 

The typical appraisal inspection:

  • Prior to the inspection, we gather information from public records such as the property record card, deed, site plan and any other documents that might be in the public records at town hall.
  • The day of inspection includes photographing the exterior and interior; main living areas, baths, bedrooms, basement, garage and if FHA, the attic. A written description of each room, the site and the neighborhood is made. A sketch of the floor plan is completed. You will be asked about recent improvements and/or repairs that need to be made, any deeded rights, association fees, and recent listing/sale of your house and if your road is public or private. Any other helpful information such as a recent sale in the neighborhood is appreciated. 
  • This data is transferred to the computer and then the analysis for comparable sales is started. The appraiser then develops and reports the result in a report form.